Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence

The Way of the Future

Artificial Intelligence is no longer just a tech buzzword but it is now a massive reality shaping our digital world and manoeuvres in every possible way. AI is actively being used in manufacturing, transport, aviation, business intelligence and most notably in all sorts of web and IT solutions. AI at present offers the promise for more sophisticated website development with chatbots, artificial intelligence in web design, AI-powered search engine optimisation, and marketing.

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The 4 Pillars of AI

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Predicting reply better

The communication process between computers and users is never natural because machines fail to understand human emotions and respond accordingly. New chat bots powered by artificial intelligence can communicate more effectively leaving no scope for misunderstanding or lack of communication. The web users of the coming time will have the more proactive response from the apps and websites thanks to AI bots.

Improved user experience

Thanks to AI adapting to the user needs became easier than ever. Through Artificial intelligence in web development, one can understand the user preferences, moods and accordingly can judge the context of the user. Obviously, by understanding the user context and situations customer service and user experience can be given a boost. When it is about judging the user based on a complex and large volume of data, user analysis can be better with the analysis of contexts and situations.

Voice-based search

Deciphering user intents and preferences based on the voice and tonal differences of the user is the latest frontier to be achieved by the artificial intelligence. Earlier, understanding user’s spoken the language was problematic because of differences in pronunciation. Now, thanks to natural language processing technology user intents can easily be deciphered. AI bots powered by voice command and search will only take this technology further ahead. A vast majority of artificial intelligence research projects seem committed to making voice search more intuitive and humanely.

Augmented customer experience

Just think of seeking help from department store staff while shopping. What do you do in case you need the same kind of help while shopping online? In spite of continuous insistence and repeated effort to make web shopping experience better, sometimes simply it lacks the human help and guidance. This is where AI-powered chatbots can really play a positive role. While shopping on a web store you can seek help from an intelligent bot.